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Online Auction

Virtual auctions allow companies sale and bid for goods and services on the Internet. Establishing of online auctions opens up new sales channels for vendors and at the same time offers favorable purchasing conditions for buyers. With the right auction software companies can organize auction events allowing them to attract bidders around the globe, sell their goods and services at most favorable prices, reduce or eliminate agent costs and get advanced investment recovery.

Organizing of auction events often means multiply communications and implex interactions between auction participants. Ecommerce Insight specialists realize the complexity of auction events and create solutions that make contacting new and existing bidders, informing them about auction rules and events, tracking all interactions and negotiations easy and fast. Advanced reporting facilities and adjustable notification system of our solutions administrative part keep its users well informed about current bidding status, new participants involving, price rises and other important auction events.

Ultimate flexibility of Ecommerce Insight online auction solutions allows conducting of all types of auctions (auctions “as is”, reversed “English” and “Dutch” events). We also facilitate our solutions with capabilities of user status assigning to enable you to organize events that you exactly need (private, group based and opened auctioning)

We pay much attention to automation and simplification of both communication and transaction processes and at the same time make our solutions intuitive to use so that no additional training is needed for administrative and support personnel.

We are aimed at creating solutions that connect right people in right place at right time and maximize the effectiveness of business trading interactions.

bullet1  Continuous Improvement and Innovation
We never stop improving our services. We constantly conduct research on latest technologies and ecommerce trends to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients.