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eMarketplace is virtual business environment that brings together suppliers and buyers, engages them in various transactions and provides supreme opportunities for business information exchange. eMarketplaces perform two essential functions: 1) they connect buyers and sellers and allow them to find new perspective business partners; and 2) optimize trading processes and create business networks to negotiate, settle shipments and deliver goods more efficiently and faster. 

Ecommerce Insight eMarketplace solutions cumulate deep business processes knowledge with tools and techniques that capacitate our clients to increase revenues, streamline workflows and improve productivity of their business transactions. Our solutions give strong basis for multi-business communication, marketing development and business initiatives application.

We implement highest standards of functionality and usability to systems we develop and, as the result our solutions empower effective management of all eMarketplace processes:

01 1pxline Partner activities:
bullet2  New partners creation
bullet2  User roles assigning
bullet2  Efficient privacy systems
bullet2  Process and data mapping

02 1pxline Membership operations:
bullet2  Members’ authentication and personalization
bullet2  Advanced profiles management
bullet2  Items comparisons evaluation

03 1pxline Products Performance:
bullet2  Complete items catalog facilities (pictures, text descriptions, etc.)
bullet2  Supreme search options (by keywords, price, supplier, etc.)
bullet2  Members activities tracking and analysis

04 1pxline Process Management:
bullet2  Total control over orders
bullet2  Secure payment processing
bullet2  Logistics and shipping facilities

05 1pxline Information Treatment:
bullet2  Data Storage and mining
bullet2  Analysis and forecasts capabilities
bullet2  Online data processing
bullet2  Tailored reporting features

06 1pxline Application Compatibleness:
bullet2  Supply chain management software
bullet2  Wireless applications
bullet2  CRM, etc.