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Shopping cart development

An e-shop ability to attract new customers, provide enhanced shopping experience and supply the owner with effective management tools lays the foundation of any online retail business success.

Ecommerce Insight’s focus is to provide you with a solution that distinguishes your business from the competition, gives you marketing strength and leads to customers’ satisfaction and retention. We base our vision of shopping cart development on three key factors that let you get a scalable, efficient and secure system for your goods and services online trading:

bullet1  Improved customer satisfaction
We enhance the shopping experience of your customers by giving our solutions user-friendly interface that implies advanced usability and intuitive navigation.

bullet1  Advanced administration tools
The administratiion section of Ecommerce Insight solutions provides you immediate access to your e-shop data and enables you to manage all aspects of your e-shop activities fast and efficiently.

bullet1  Information confidentiality
Our solutions embrace advanced security systems that ensure safe information storage and reliable transactions processing. 

Developing a shopping cart solution for online businesses, Ecommerce Insight specialists expand the boundaries of pre-packaged e-retail applications. We equip our custom solutions with a comprehensive set of functions and advanced features matching the specific needs of our clients.

 01Product Management                        
   Unlimited products and product categories
   Related products and cross selling
   Featured products
   Product variant options
   Multiple pricing
   Stock management
   Integrated search options
 02Customer Service                                
   Repeat customer recognition
   E-mail notifications/invoices
   Discounts and loyalty programs
   Newsletter system
   Express checkout
   Stock management
   Registered customers accommodation
 03Payment Options                               
   Real-time credit card processing. Integration with many payment processing gateways (2CheckOut, Authorize.NET, PayPal, VeriSign and others)
   Offline Credit Card Processing
   Payment on delivery
   E-check payments

 04Shipping and Tax Systems                  
   Integration with major shipping companies: UPS, FEDEX, DHL & USPS
   International Shipping
   Downloadable goods
   Handling/freight Charges
   Shipping by price, weight or dimensions

 05Advertising and Promotion                 
   Tell-a-friend options
   Gift wrapping
   Affiliate programs management
   Specific products and site wide discounts
 06Order Processing                               
   Real-time order tracking
   Multiply orders search
   Orders database management
   Printed/hard orders database copies
   E-mail order confirmations
 07Reporting and Statistics                     
   Sales and inventory status reports
   Shipping and Tax Reporting
   Site’s usage statistics
   Repeated users tracking
   Best seller reports

 08Administration and Security              
   Password-protected administrative access
   Integrated content management system
   Web-based cart control
   Continuous security monitoring
   Backup subsystems
   Transactions confidentiality