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Search engine optimization
Creation and deploying a site is the first step for selling and promoting of your goods and services on the Web. But simply having a web site does not guarantee the desired amount of visitors and desired amount of visitors does not guarantee the desired amount of sales. To succeed, your site needs qualified traffic and targeted shoppers.

Resent research shows that more than 80% of corporate sites visitors come from search engines (the rest 20% are directed by links from other sites, banners, etc.), and more than 90% of Internet users do not go past top 30 search engines results. These are two major facts showing that search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most essential factors for web site effectiveness.

Ecommerce Insight SEO specialists focus on implementing advanced SEO methods and techniques that considerably improve your site visibility in search engine listings, give your site more qualified prospects and favorable ROI rates.

We offer and strategically implement only ethical SEO methodologies that are adopted and recommended by major search engines and directories.

bullet1  Analysis
We pay great attention to analyzing of your current situation to select relevant SEO techniques for your project. On the base of thorough research we compile the SEO analysis report that contains information on your site current search engines ranking, detailed list of pages that need to be optimized and our recommendations for your further site optimization including a list of basic keywords associated with the content of your site.

bullet1  Consulting
Our experts are ready to give you a professional consultation on the implementation of SEO methods for your site optimization. We suggest you appropriate methods and changes to be made and give you further consultations on their realization. Our suggestions and comments are clearly written and not overly complicated, so only basic knowledge of web publishing principles is required to implement them.

bullet1  On-page optimization
    Keywords analysis Ecommerce Insight SEO specialists conduct extensive keywords
      research and effective keywords  selection    to provide you with a comprehensive list of keywords related to your site content.
    Content enhancement recommendations Our specialists select appropriate keywords
      for each page of your site and give you recommendations on embedding of these keywords in site pages content.
    Codes modification Our experts write and deliver titles,meta-tags and alt-tags meeting
      search engine demands (especially Google’s) for each page of your site in compliance with previously selected keywords.
    Site mapping We provide you with recommendations on on cross-links and links to
      other pages of your site adding.
bullet1  Link building
Our specialist prepare a list of industry-related but non-competitive websites, negotiate with their webmasters and build a qualified links directory that improve your site search engine rankings and bring targeted traffic from linking sites.

bullet1  Pay-per-Click campaign management (Google AdWords and Overture PPC systems)
    Campaign starting Our specialists create your personal PPC account, research and
      select keywords regarding the peculiar features of Google AdWords and/or Overture system, create appropriate ads, test them for CTR (Click/Through Ratio) and choose the most effective to run.
    Analysis and Support We can also adjust all PPC account settings to your specific
      needs, manage your account, correct ads if necessary and provide you with reports on your advertising campaign status.

bullet1  Log analysis
Properly analyzed, log files can be not only the source of history of all that happens at your site, but a progressive tool for tracking trends in your web site traffic patterns. Ecommerce Insight SEO experts decode log files and provide you with comprehensive reports on your site usage statistics. Our reports contain the detailed information about how people found your site, what pages they have seen, how much time they spent at your site, which search engines gave you more visitors, etc. Obtaining this information gives you the strongest basis for planning your further site development and promotion.

The main aim of Ecommerce Insight SEO services is to give your site favorable ranking positions, high traffic and relevant visitors and thus connect you with the right people – your potential clients and partners.

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