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CORE Ecommerce Overview SECTION

CORE Ecommerce Overview

CORE Ecommerce platform is an integrated, customizable web-based online shopping cart solution for provided with a convenient and easy management system, which enables you to be in control of all processes and content on your site. Secure your financial success vistas through the implementation of the well-designed ecommerce product full of useful features, intended to help your business generate in progress.

Our Ecommerce solution enables to create the unlimited number of the user’s roles, products and categories. The number can be modified at all times – CORE E-commerce is arranged for high load visitor traffic. The text editing system allows changing the styles fast and easily for the better look of the web-site. Quick access to all system modules is provided to improve and streamline your management facilities. Multiple set-ups are compatible with any kind of products. The framework was designed to be comprehensive and SEO-friendly.

· Order and payment accuracy is hassle-and-risk-free. Secure payment processing integrates only the latest and most reliable payment technologies.  The order steps and all the details, entered by a customer, are thoroughly supervised automatically.

· Administration control. Store inventory levels, shipping and receiving logs, catalogs are automatically administered. Updating information is really easy, you can get reports on everything that is going on at any given point of time key stroke away !

· Fair savings on human labor. Business automation reduces inventory, order processing costs, phone calls and data entry efforts. Employees efforts are considerably diminished, so it leaves your staff more time for other important work to perform.

· Time savings win more new clients and encourage their return to your store for more future purchases. Good shopping experience will accelerate prominent improvements that add to your e-store image, bring more clients to you and increase loyal patrons inflow.

Learn more about CORE Ecommerce in the Application Highlights and  Functionality Details sections here. Also you may find more data on  CORE Ecommerce gathered at our CORE Framework Products site. 

To clear up your questions about the features, customizing, system tuning, adding specific functionality, etc., please contact us.