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CORE Framework

CORE Framework is comprehensive to work with for any type of user to guarantee quick launching and ecommerce projects acceleration. Ready packaged solutions have hundreds of built-in features and cover the major business needs. Moreover the solutions can be tuned and tailored to meet you specific wants. Customized design and customized functionality is by request.

CORE Framework includes three main products:

  • CORE E-Commerce;
  • CORE Social Network.

CORE E-commerce is an integrated, customizable web-based online shopping cart solution for companies of all sizes, built on an easy-to-learn-and-manage web platform. Application highlights and functionality details are covered in the CORE Ecommerce section. Flash demo will guide you around the solution. And visiting our online demo you can try administering for yourself.

CORE Content management system is easy and 100% efficient when storing, monitoring, versioning and publishing the information. Leaving no room for content mess up, our solution is very flexible in design and requires no specific technical knowledge for administration monitoring. The solution is straightforward and productive no matter what web-site you run: promotional micro-sites or large multilingual portals.

CORE Social Network represents a scalable, adaptable and customizable solution, that allows setting-up your own online interactive resource quickly and easily. As other products of the relevant product line the solution is simple to run in an efficient and safe way, though being full of advanced features.

Technical support

Each project is treated as an individual marketing concept. Our technical competence includes only high-value and tried-and-true internet technologies for better integration and effectiveness.

Expert’s appraisal

Our experience in electronic commerce constitutes a firm basis to guarantee our clients reliable options for consulting, development and design solutions.

Client’s wish is the main priority

We will readily fine-tune our software to your marketing campaign requirements. Our dedicated specialists will customize the product according to any of your wants. We do respect your preferences in business, that is why our solution is not a one-size-fits-all product, but intended to match exactly your commercial philosophy and add value to your on-line business.